Arcade Seafoods at 111 West First Street Dayton Ohio


Liz Bracken, Englewood 'My favorite place in downtown Dayton for a takeout dinner is Arcade Seafood. I just like fish, and the service there is good, and the prices.'

Duane Lautzenheiser, Vandalia 'My first choice is Arcade Seafood. They have really fresh fish and good service. The employees are friendly, and the food is always fresh. I've never had a bad meal from them.'

crazyrobert, Yahoo Local 'I need to get Downtown more. I've always loved Arcade Seafood, especially the deep fried perch. Might slip into town today. Is it a fancy nose in the air establishment?... No. It's a Ma & Pa independant no frills operation and the food is GREAT! No one has EVER been rude to me there.'

Dayton Local, Yahoo Local 'This is a great locally owned establishment. Arcade Seafoods at 1st street is one of the only great remaining businesses located in Downtown Dayton. The prices are well below what you would pay at an average "sit down" restaurant and the food quality is supierior to any fast food type joints around town. If you are looking for a yummy lunch or dinner and you dont feel like forking over the big bucks for food and a server then this is the perfect place to go. I would recommend this place to buisness people downtown for a quick lunch or even for work place catering and for a family wanting a nice meal with an inexpensive price tag.'

Cynthia, Yahoo Local 'good fresh fish: if you want good fresh fish and friendly service this is where you need to go you can dine in or order out or you can even take home and cook it the way you like it.I prefer to leave the cooking to them mmmm good'

Andrew C., Yelp 'I wish, I wish, I wish I could eat their fish right now! Whitefish combo woo-hoo!!! And best of all, Crinkle-Cut Fries!!! As Kramer from Seinfeld would say, the taste has no place to hide...'

Guest73531, superpages '...enjoy the food when I do go. Service is relatively quick and easy and prices are reasonable...'

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